Deep Silver Metro Ensure Franchise Continues

Regardless of the THQ hand immersed in bankruptcy, franchise FPS with the theme of post-apocalyptic world – Metro seems to fall into the right hands. Acquisitions franchise with a value of not more than USD 6 million by Deep Silver has become a lifesaver when the developer – 4A Games was handling the latest series of Metro: Last Light. Sure enough, positive reviews and praise of the latest engine that managed to bring exceptional visualization seems to be an indicator of Deep Silver appropriate strategy. Publisher is also famous by Dead Island seem quite satisfied with the performance shown by the Last Light, a trend which is likely to endure in the future and click this link .

In an interview with gaming site – Joystiq, CEO of Deep Silver – Clement Kundratitz confirms that Metro franchise will still continue and become one of the main strengths of Deep Silver’s own. Kundratitz refer to the acquisition of the franchise has become one of the best decisions. The fact that the Last Light is still high enough to get attention regardless of the timing of the release is not too strategic to convince the existence of this franchise in the future. They also want the continuation of the series is able to reach a wider gamer.
Satisfied with the performance shown by Metro: Last Light, Deep Silver make sure the franchise Metro continues.

However he also assured that Deep Silver and 4A Games is not working on any Metro series today. How about you? Are you including gamers are disappointed or satisfied with the presence of Last Light?