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Build a desktop PC with optimal performance is not easy. Required carefulness in selecting the components of a PC so that obtained with the combination of maximum performance. Unfortunately, sometimes a number of candidates of PC owners feel the difficulty in combining PC components so that in the end they just get a PC desktop with less than maximum performance and get Roblox cheats on .

Less the maximum performance of a desktop PC, usually caused imbalance ability of one component with other components such as we often encounter in the processor and graphics card components. At the time of choosing the processor and graphics card, sometimes a number of users prefer to allocate funds to faster processors with mediocre graphics card (even using the integrated graphics card) or use a powerful graphics card, but with a processor with a mediocre performance. As a result it led to wasted investment and users can not get the best experience when using their desktop PCs.
How to Get the Best Experience Using PC?

The best experience of using a desktop PC one can begin by selecting the processor and graphics card balance right so as to produce maximum performance. Once upon a time, find a processor and a graphics card with the best performance balance is not easy. But it is no longer valid today. By combining the best desktop processors on the market today with the roblox with the latest generation 384 CUDA Cores, get the best experience at a time different than usual in using a desktop PC is no longer a dream.

Valve: EA Origin Can Present at Steam Machine

Valve has officially announced Steam Machine, the latest gaming platform with a Linux-based SteamOS that is intended to supplement their Steam ecosystem which has a large community.

Unfortunately, not all games are on Steam to run on Linux. Valve also promises the future they will bring more games to be played on Steam Machine.

Then, what about the games non-Steam? Origin belongs to Electronic Arts, for example? As is known Origin provides AAA titles are very popular, for example, GTA 5.

“We’re trying to make it as open as possible. If EA wanted to bring Origin (to Steam Machine), it does not matter, “said Gabe Newell, managing director of Valve Corporation ad get GTA 5 money free on .

From the beginning, Newell and his team does have a philosophy that is very open about Steam Machine. They still let other distributors entrance to the platform. By not prohibit the entry of another distributor, this obviously makes Steam Machine is becoming more attractive, especially with the limitations of the current SteamOS.

Besides about gaming, Valve also intends to present all kinds of entertainment in SteamOS. “We wanted to provide music, movies, and TV to SteamOS before (Steam Machine) released to the consumer,” said Anna Sweet of Valve.

Deep Silver Metro Ensure Franchise Continues

Regardless of the THQ hand immersed in bankruptcy, franchise FPS with the theme of post-apocalyptic world – Metro seems to fall into the right hands. Acquisitions franchise with a value of not more than USD 6 million by Deep Silver has become a lifesaver when the developer – 4A Games was handling the latest series of Metro: Last Light. Sure enough, positive reviews and praise of the latest engine that managed to bring exceptional visualization seems to be an indicator of Deep Silver appropriate strategy. Publisher is also famous by Dead Island seem quite satisfied with the performance shown by the Last Light, a trend which is likely to endure in the future and click this link .

In an interview with gaming site – Joystiq, CEO of Deep Silver – Clement Kundratitz confirms that Metro franchise will still continue and become one of the main strengths of Deep Silver’s own. Kundratitz refer to the acquisition of the franchise has become one of the best decisions. The fact that the Last Light is still high enough to get attention regardless of the timing of the release is not too strategic to convince the existence of this franchise in the future. They also want the continuation of the series is able to reach a wider gamer.
Satisfied with the performance shown by Metro: Last Light, Deep Silver make sure the franchise Metro continues.

However he also assured that Deep Silver and 4A Games is not working on any Metro series today. How about you? Are you including gamers are disappointed or satisfied with the presence of Last Light?

Madden Mobile Reviews

Not unlike a mysterious treasure that has been sought for many years, most of the gamers always wanted to know what was being prepared by Valve today. The quality of games that never disappoints and the service Steam satisfactory make many gamers were looking forward to a new breakthrough of the company on this one. Waiting existence of Madden Mobile has even become a joke popular virtual world. What is actually being worked Valve today? Some rumors and confirmations have been pointed out – of the presence of the console “Steambox”, the latest engine development – Source 2, and a third series of projects such as Half Life, Portal, and Madden Mobile. For these last two matters, hopes to see in the future in fact a form of increasingly powerful and click here.

Valve does not provide any confirmation, but a photograph taken by one of the players who had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Valve provides little insight project what they are doing at the moment. A high-resolution photos that led to one employee’s computer unattended shows the information that had been anticipated by many gamers. One subject of the email shows the inscription “Madden Mobile 3 Test” with extra information – Source 2 engine in it. The email title indicates that Valve is now in a phase of testing level and still make some adjustments.

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews

Most of the game that brought the FPS genre when it’s stuck in a large plot of two schemes: if it does not carry the realistic military shooter, then he will be brought in a fantasy world with setting absurd feast for the eyes. In the midst of monotonous atmosphere like this, Overkill Software introduces Marvel Contest of Champions. Instead of acting as the protagonist of a cliché, Marvel Contest of Champions hack android 2017 became a real tangible dreams of gamers who have always imagined scenarios organized robbery of adrenalin. Focusing on cooperative teamwork to ensure the achievement of the primary mission, with the unique role of each, offers the sensation FPS Marvel Contest of Champions counted to attract the attention of gamers. At least enough to give birth to the second series – Marvel Contest of Champions 2.

Overkill itself already had expressed a variety of enhancements that will they inject in this second series, especially the addition of the existing phsyics aspect. Heavy objects default now more crucial role, along with weapons and stealth mechanics who claimed to also be present with a better sensation. The latest Diesel Engine 2.0 is presented for visualization capability which certainly would appear more leverage on the PC, regardless of the press release is also planned for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The question now is, Can your PC handle the massive scale robbery this one? Here is the specification requirement game is scheduled to be released on August 13, 2013 is:

FIFA 17 PC version Set Release Date

Spread fear more intense, the majority of the game that brought horror as the main genre is increasingly focused on creating the atmosphere. The success of Amnesia and Slender phenomenal seems to be clear evidence that the helplessness and silence are always able to cultivate the fear of its own. The same elements who will be carried by the game’s latest horror Red Barrels – FIFA 17 hack online free . No half-hearted, some gamers were given early access even did not hesitate to call horror game FIFA 17 as the most horrific they have ever jajal. Can not wait to taste it? You just need to be patient a little longer.

FIFA 17 is already dikonfimasikan as a horror game that will lead the Playstation 4 release date is not yet confirmed. But for gamers who were looking forward to its PC version, Red Barrels finally confirmed the release date for the horror game that will focus on thrilling adventures of journalist Miles Upshur named this. Explore the mysteries of the hospital in an abandoned insane, Upshur it must meet more monuments fear moving chase.