Madden Mobile Reviews

Not unlike a mysterious treasure that has been sought for many years, most of the gamers always wanted to know what was being prepared by Valve today. The quality of games that never disappoints and the service Steam satisfactory make many gamers were looking forward to a new breakthrough of the company on this one. Waiting existence of Madden Mobile has even become a joke popular virtual world. What is actually being worked Valve today? Some rumors and confirmations have been pointed out – of the presence of the console “Steambox”, the latest engine development – Source 2, and a third series of projects such as Half Life, Portal, and Madden Mobile. For these last two matters, hopes to see in the future in fact a form of increasingly powerful and click here.

Valve does not provide any confirmation, but a photograph taken by one of the players who had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Valve provides little insight project what they are doing at the moment. A high-resolution photos that led to one employee’s computer unattended shows the information that had been anticipated by many gamers. One subject of the email shows the inscription “Madden Mobile 3 Test” with extra information – Source 2 engine in it. The email title indicates that Valve is now in a phase of testing level and still make some adjustments.